Health & Care


Health & Care:

Pigs at The Preserve will be wormed twice a year, vaccinated as needed and routine tusk and hoof trimming will be accomplished on an ongoing basis. Since the pigs will active and will have acres on which to roam and root, we anticipate that tusk trimming and hoof trimming will be needed only infrequently, if at all. Routine and emergency veterinary care is available locally on a 24/7 basis and quarantine facilities will be constructed within the next year to accommodate the care of any sick or injured animals.

More advanced medical services are available from the partnering sanctuary's veterinarians as well as from the University of Tennessee School of Veterinary Medicine...both located within an acceptable driving distance from The Preserve. Pigs who become chronically ill, aged or in any way infirmed and/or who suffer long term decreased mobility will be relocated into a geriatric facility on The Preserve or transferred from The Preserve to a partnering sanctuary, which specializes in the care of older, geriatric pigs. The following vaccinations will be administered to all pigs prior to their arrival: Tetanus, Erysipelas, Pasturella, Rabies. Other vaccinations may be added in the future at the recommendation of our veterinary advisors.

We are constantly soliciting veterinary recommendations with regards to other necessary vaccinations and other medical care issues for Preserve pigs. This will be a unique population of pigs living in a unique environment. As such, there may be medical issues we have not yet considered or are not yet aware of. The input of other, knowledgeable animal care individuals and vets will be both sought after and appreciated.

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